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The history

With the warm breeze rolling in from the Tyrrhenian Sea into their rustic kitchen in Piano di Sorrento, Michelangelo Gargiulo and his wife Aida worked diligently with partial skim milk to create the Scamorza Michelangelo, and with it, Michelangelo’s Factory came alive. This was in the heart of the 1940s.

In the 1950s, the Sorrentine couple graduated to whole milk and their world-renowned mozzarella was born. This mozzarella was sold and distributed from its humble origins in Piano, Via Rivolo 3, throughout the Sorrentine Peninsula, spanning from the bougainvilleas of Positano to the rocky cliffs of Capri.

In 1961, Michelangelo’s Factory changed hands, passing to Michelangelo’s brother, Francesco and in 1970 to his sister Cristina. Cristina kept the name and increased production, transferring the factory to Via delle Rose 91 in 1981. Today, Cristina's children and grandchildren keep a watchful eye on all operations in the factory, from the creation, to the production, to the sales of Michelangelo’s hand-crafted cheeses.
Who We Are
Michelangelo’s Factory has always been a family affair. From our very first batch of scamorza in the 1940s, we have prided ourselves on utilizing only the most innovative production technology for world-class cheeses. Despite this look to the future, we are firmly rooted in our storied past. We employ an antique work ethic day in and day out. Every morning we pick up the best milk our region has to offer in the foothills of Sorrento. We begin working on crafting our cheeses at the earliest hours in the morning, ensuring we create a delectable spectrum of genuine Italian products everyday. These methods are not only part of a strong family traditional–they are the essential ingredients of a successful recipe that produces cheeses that satisfy even the most demanding palettes.

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